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Hurst Chapel A.M.E.

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The A.M.E. Church is a Christian church that believes in God and that Jesus was His son. We believe that Jesus died to save us from our sins. The church was built to give black people a place to worship, but it has always been open to any and everyone who loves the Lord.


Our Name

African: Refers to the people of African descent.

Methodist: Many of our rules and traditions are from  the Methodist Church

Episcopal: Refers to our structure; bishops govern churches in an area called an Episcopal District

Our Motto
The motto of the African Methodist Church is "God our Father,Christ Our Redeemer,and Man our brother."

Our beliefs
Richard Allen selected 25 Articles of the 39 Articles from the church of England. The Articles teach about the life of Jesus and give important rules by which to live a Christian life.

The Rt. Rev. McKinley Young, Presiding Bishop
The Rev. Y. Benjamin Bruce, Presiding Elder
Charles R. Jackson, Pastor
LaFiesta Brown, Associate Minister
David Hardrick, Minister of Music

Hurst Chapel AME * 901 West Bentley Street* Orlando, FL * US * 32605-1507
Phone (407) 423-2831 Fax (407) 849-0012